Hating New England, Part 2

by | Jan 11, 2015 | Sports

On November 16, I wrote a blog titled “Hating New England.”  In that post, I hoped to get a bonus week and a second game against the one thing on this planet I truly enjoy hating.  The Broncos helped grant my wish.  Thanks #18, just when I thought you had given us enough.

If I had to list the strongest emotions I have in my soul, I must admit the bulk of them are made up of love and gratitude. But somewhere in that top ten is my hatred for the New England Patriots.  You know, there’s my love for my wife and kids, appreciation for those that raised me, and thankfulness for those that stood by me when times weren’t great.  Blah, blah blah, and, my hatred of the Patriots.  It would be a character defect in most places and rightfully so.  But not here in Indianapolis.

I am counting on you, Indianapolis to join me for the next week. The entire week.  All seven days.

Now, I’m not going to reiterate my entire list of things I hate about Boston.  For the next few months, I have a true appreciation for the city.  My 56-year-old brother qualified for the Boston Marathon and will run it this April.  Good for him. With the bombing at this storied race a couple of years ago, even the Contrarian can’t get away with making fun of it.  Well maybe a little–marathons are self inflicted torture, and I am baffled by anyone who participates in them.  What a perfect city for a famous marathon now that I think of it.

This is our week to unite Indianapolis.  With few exceptions, I know the people of this city share this hatred.  Let’s show it.  No stupid bets between mayors or governors.  I don’t want to see any polite Midwestern style posters–void of profanity or hatred.  We can excuse Pagano and Andrew Luck being respectful during interviews, but no one else.  Pat McAfee, you are the ambassador of hatred and disrespect.

Let’s ramp this thing up right one time.  Set the tone for the next generation.  The Colts will be good for 10 years after Brady retires–let’s treat them the next 10 the way they treated us the last 10.  New England, you are not America’s team.  Your run is nearing the end.  And our collective hatred is the thing we need to jump start your demise.

So let the Week of Hatred begin.  Embrace it.  Commit to being more hateful than your neighbor.  All rules of decorum are suspended.  This may be our last shot to hate these assholes when it matters.

Next week, we can check in with a support group to deal with our anger issues.

Next week.


I did book a February trip to Phoenix today.  We will see how that works out.


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